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Hey Dolls,

I purchased tickets to see Janet Jackson live in concert about a year ago! She found love and announced she was pregnant subsequently canceling her tour. With her effervescent artistry and powerhouse choreography, I have been a die hard Ms. Jackson fan for a long time. Her concert was finally rescheduled and I will be in attendance sweating my lashes and weave off 🙂 There are so many artists that sing pop music and only a few that rise to superstardom. What is that X factor that controls success? When I think of Top 40 radio and think of the Queens currently ruling the music charts, there is an array of artistry and still an equal amount of fandom for each artist! The artist that stand out stay in their magic, each artist caters to her strengths and capitalizes on the fact that only she can harness that uniqueness! What makes you unique is your strength street stylers. Harness your magic, feed it day and night, nurture it, and share it! Comparison deflects from your personal magic. We are designed to be unique individuals. It feels as if we spend a great deal of time minding other people’s affairs, rather than nourishing our own individual personal expression. The greatest gift is the opportunity to be spiritually free and pursue one’s purpose and passion. Focus your energy on goals, aspirations, purpose, and passion.

My OOTN is courtesy of Blank NYC and Lulu’s. I styled a peplum halter with a lace overlay and distressed denim. To complete my look I added a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Studded Pumps. Every street styler needs a pair of studded pumps!

Details: High Rise Medium Wash Denim || Peplum Black Top Lulus

September 15, 2017